My blogging beginnings!!

Blog! Blog! Blog!

I used to have a narrow-minded perception on blogs and blogging in general. Now, reflecting on those thoughts, I can’t actually believe I had such views.πŸ˜„

I’ve always been familiar with only the basics of blogging but my first in-depth insight into the world of blogs and blog management was during an internship session with FortyFive Degrees Media two weeks ago. I was introduced to so many interesting and fun blogging activities which broadened my horizon in that aspect.

A blog, which is a website that allows for sharing of information, messages, opinions, stories and thoughts; can either be a formal or an informal media channel. This depends on the blogger and what he or she is blogging. A blog can be in the form of texts, graphics, videos (vlogs) etc.
Blogging covers all of operating and managing a blog. The key areas to consider when building up a blog include:

1. Build– to design your website in such a way that communicates what your blog is about.
2. Attractive– to make your website appealing and captivating.
3. Audience– who you are writing to or getting across to.

WordPress and Blogger are the major tools used in creating blogs. They both have similar and distinctive features. WordPress is a free, flexible and an open software while Blogger is a publishing tool that’s not as flexible as WordPress.

Both WordPress and Blogger have the free version and the paid version. The free version has limited features and cannot be monetized and it also carries or in the website URL. The paid version allows you to have a personal domain name and also money can be generated from it.

After exploring both the WordPress and Blogger sites, I decided to choose WordPress because of its easy-to-use features and there are so many fun themes here😌. With the detailed instructions given during the session, I was able to open my personal WordPress account and design it myself, though there are still some finishing touches I need to add; and yes, this is my first post!😊😊